National Back to Church Sunday

National Back to Church Sunday is a dedicated day for churches across America to open their doors and invite the community to experience a Bible-based church. This event caters both to first-time visitors and those who have been away from church. In 2024, the need for the positive influence of Jesus in our world is more critical than ever!

A Special One-Day Event

This Fall, we’re planning a unique one-day event designed to create a welcoming, “no-strings-attached” atmosphere at your church. During this event:

  • First-Time Visitors: Experience what a Sunday morning service is like and discover what it’s not.
  • Returning Attendees: Feel welcomed back in a friendly environment to reconnect with church life.

Our Goal

Our aim is to equip churches with the necessary resources and inspiration to invite every home in America to church on September 15, 2024. Join us in making this day a turning point for many in our communities!

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Get Started Today!

Follow these steps to get involved and start planning a powerful event:

  1. Add your church to the FREE map of participating churches
    • Join with other churches in your community to create a cohesive and community-wide movement
    • Get the latest news and updates
    • Help visitors find a participating church
  2. Get the 2024 Back to Church Sunday Sermon & Resource Kit
    • Includes videos, social graphics, children’s lessons, and more!
    • Churches who use the kit see higher attendance and more involvement from their congregation!
  3. Get Invitation and Promotional Tools – not sure what you need? Check out our 2024 Planning Guide or shop our Store